First Time Home Buyer

Get off on the right foot in your home buying journey with an experienced first time home buyers mortgage broker.

If you are a first-time home buyer,

getting professional mortgage advice is a great place to start. We specialize in the kind of education that can help get new home buyers off to a great start! Although mortgage debt is ‘smart’ debt, buying your first home is a huge financial decision and there is a lot to think about. It’s one of the most important financial decisions that most Canadians will make in their lifetime. This means you need to make sure you are getting the right first-time homebuyers mortgage for your needs.

You want to take advantage of today’s low rate environment but it can be overwhelming to sort through all of the options out there. Your Mortgage Consultant will help get you the right combination of mortgage features, privileges and rate that is best matched to your needs. The right mortgage goes beyond just the rate – it’s important to also consider term, prepayment options, refinancing penalties, restrictions, and fees

If you are looking for a new home,

be sure you are pre-approved. With a mortgage pre-approval, a licensed mortgage professional can do a more complete verification prior to sending you shopping for a home, and with that done, the dollar figure you are going shopping with is actually what you can spend.

The mortgage professional that you work with to get pre-approved will let you know for certain what you can afford based on lender and insurer criteria, and what your payments on a specific mortgage will be.

Licensed mortgage professionals can lock-in an interest rate for you for anywhere from 60 – 120 days while you shop for your perfect home. By locking in an interest rate, you are guaranteed to get a mortgage for at least that rate or better. If interest rates drop, your locked-in rate will drop as well.

However, if the interest rates go up, your locked-in interest rate will not, ensuring you get the best rate throughout the mortgage pre-approval process.

In order to get pre-approved for a mortgage,

a mortgage professional requires a short list of information that will allow them to determine your buying power. A mortgage professional will explain to you the benefits of shorter or longer mortgage terms, the latest programs available, which mortgage products they believe will most likely meet your needs the best, plus they will review all of the other costs involved with purchasing a home.

Getting pre-approved for a mortgage is something every potential home buyer should do before going shopping for a new home. A pre-approval will give you the confidence of knowing that financing is available, and it can put you in a very positive negotiation position against other home buyers who aren’t pre-approved.

Downpayment is one of your most important considerations

before you look to purchase your new home. If you’re in the “saving up” stage of preparing for home ownership, this is a great time to meet with us so we can discuss your downpayment options. In most cases, you want to save five percent of the purchase price.

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First Time Home Buyer

Get off on the right foot in your home buying journey with an experienced first time home buyers mortgage broker.
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