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Not all firsts are the same and we recognize that. Buying your first home should be an experience you are proud to remember. At Pilot we will guide you through the entire process and ensure you get the best service and best rate possible.
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But remember... rate isn’t everything.

Some rates come with conditions that may not support your longterm goals and there are some things you should look out for.
Like avoiding high penalties or restrictions that cost you more money in the long run.
Or trapping you in a mortgage you can’t really afford should things in your life change.
Maybe you want to renovate or upgrade in the future to something bigger and paying a little more now will set you up for that in the future.

It’s about you, your lifestyle, your goals and your future

The bank vs the broker... hmmm

Your bank has one product to offer you. Do you think it will fit your needs? Probably not. We shop around!
Access to over 150+ lenders who are willing to adapt to various conditions.
We work closely with you, your bankers, your financial planners and your realtor to streamline the process.
This may be your first home, but it’s not our first mortgage and we take years of experience and apply it ensuring our clients, you, get the best result possible.
Pilot Mortgages

Owning your first home is just a click away

Ok, we will need you to fill out the application and then we have a ton of work to do behind the scenes but really... it is just a click away
Our Approach
Mortgage Process
Some rates come with conditions that may not support your longterm goals and there are things we look out for.
01. Complete Intro Form 2 min
It all starts with a simple "Who are you?" form. Once this is completed one of our team members will reach out and set you up with an application. Click below to start the form:
02. Request Application 5–10 min
After we connect with you, a formal application will be supplied which is to be completed so we can begin shopping it to lenders.
03. Document List Provided 20 min
Based on your employment and financial situation the documents needed will vary, so at this stage, we will narrow down exactly what we need from you to succeed in getting the best rate.
04. Mortgage Goal Planning 30–60 min
Now it is time to dig deep and define exactly what you want, how we are going to get it, what we can afford and answer any questions you may have.
05. Certificate of Pre-Approval
Time to start shopping! Now that you know what you can technically afford it is time to get a great realtor who will help you shop for the property you want.
06. Lender Selection 10 min
You have narrowed in on the home you want and this is our time to search for the absolute best rate possible and send it off for final approval.
*at this stage we usually find better rates than when you were pre-approved
07. Approval Package Review 15–45 min
Congratulations you only have the mortgage paperwork left, but don't worry, we guide you through it page by page.
08. Closing Time 5–10 min
Now your mortgage is complete and your journey to owning your property is pretty much done. All that is left is meeting with the lawyer and finalizing a couple of final details.
"Securing a mortgage for my home was the easiest part of the process.  I was able to focus on searching for the right home instead of worrying about the money and what possible financing options I may have."
— Dan S
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