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Time for a little T.L.C. Take home equity, lower your payments or consolidate your debts. That's just the beginning of what we can do with a refinance.
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Want to renovate your home or go on vacation?

Leverage your investment and use the equity your house has gained over the years.
It can be done at any point during your mortgage term, or at renewal time (fees may apply).
If you change lenders, you would pay out that mortgage contract to create a new one with a different lender.
There will likely be fees and charges associated with refinancing but based on your circumstances it could very well be worth it.

What about lower your mortgage payment?

As an established homeowner you can improve your financial security by refinancing to a lower payment.
The best reason to refinance is to get the best mortgage for you that fits your lifestyle and goals.
Save money by taking advantage of lower rates or you may choose to lock in your rate to protect against rate increases in the future.
Pay off your mortgage faster with lower rates and a shorter amortization all the while keeping a similar rate to what you have now.

How about consolidate your payments and get rid of high interest debt?

Don’t let high interest rates and compounding debts hold you back. Consolidate your payments into one.
You may be able to unlock up to 80% of your home value.
Refinancing can be an opportunity to combine first and second mortgages into one payment.
You can even use the benefits of your properties appreciation to diversify your asset portfolio and invest in other things.
Pilot Mortgages

Want to unlock capital you didn’t know you had?

it all starts with completing an application.
Our Approach
The Refinance Process
Some rates come with conditions that may not support your longterm goals and there are things we look out for.
01. Complete Intro Form 2 min
It all starts with a simple "Who are you?" form. Once this is completed one of our team members will reach out and set you up with an application. Click below to start the form:
02. Request Application 5–10 min
After we connect with you, a formal application will be supplied which is to be completed so we can begin shopping it to lenders.
03. Document List Provided 20 min
Based on your employment and financial situation the documents needed will vary, so at this stage, we will narrow down exactly what we need from you to succeed in getting the best rate.
04. Mortgage Goal Planning 30–60 min
Now it is time to dig deep and define exactly what you want, how we are going to get it, what we can afford and answer any questions you may have.
05. Certificate of Pre-Approval
Time to start shopping! Now that you know what you can technically afford it is time to get a great realtor who will help you shop for the property you want.
06. Lender Selection 10 min
You have narrowed in on the home you want and this is our time to search for the absolute best rate possible and send it off for final approval.
*at this stage we usually find better rates than when you were pre-approved
07. Approval Package Review 15–45 min
Congratulations you only have the mortgage paperwork left, but don't worry, we guide you through it page by page.
08. Closing Time 5–10 min
Now your mortgage is complete and your journey to owning your property is pretty much done. All that is left is meeting with the lawyer and finalizing a couple of final details.
“My business is everything to me but I still wanted to be a home owner. Pilot helped align my short term goals and my long term business goals to make home ownership a reality.”
— Mark M
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of customers return to Pilot for their second, third, and even fourth mortgage. That says everything you need to know.
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